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UC Berkeley Campus Map

The Club is located at the east side of campus, near California Memorial Stadium. From Interstate 80 take the University Avenue exit.  Follow University Avenue until reaching the western edge of campus (about 2 miles).  Turn left on Oxford and then right on Hearst which is the northern edge of campus.  Turn right on Gayley Road, then turn into campus just past the Haas School of Business at the sign for the Faculty Clubs.  Follow the signs to the Club.

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Driving Directions to The Women’s Faculty Club


Exit from I-80 at University Avenue exit.


Proceed, due east (directly toward the Berkeley hills) on University Ave. until you reach the west edge of the campus.


Turn left on Oxford Street and proceed about one-and-a half blocks. Stay on the right-hand side of the street.


Just before the intersection of Oxford and Hearst bear right onto Hearst Avenue and proceed east on Hearst Ave. until you reach the top of the campus at the intersection of Hearst and Gayley Road.


Turn right onto Gayley Road and proceed south, past the Hearst Greek Theatre on your left, past the Kleeberger Soccer Field on your left and Haas School of Business on your right.


Just as the road begins to be divided, there will be a right turn lane into the driveway for the Faculty Clubs (also the Optometry entrance). Once you enter this driveway take the first right and then the first left. You will then be in the Faculty Lane and may park in the 20 minute Loading Zone between the two Clubs.

The Women’s Faculty Club
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-6055

Phone: (510) 642-4175 or (510) 845-5084
Fax: (510) 204-9661