Early Prominent Members

Lucy Ward Stebbins

The second Dean of Women at University of California, Berkeley

First President of The Women’s Faculty Club (1919–1941)

Professor of Social Economics

Stebbins Hall named by women students in her honor


Jessica Peixotto

Second woman to receive a Doctorate from University of California, Berkeley

First female full professor–1918

First woman to chair the Economics Department

Developed first professional curriculum for the School of Social Welfare

First Vice President of the Women’s Faculty Club

Supervised California’s juvenile penal system


Agnes Fay Morgan

Professor of Nutrition – Pioneer in developing the science of nutrition

Chair of the Department of Home Economics

First to recognize cause and effect between vitamin deficiencies and health

Agnes Fay Morgan Hall named in 1961

Second President of the Women’s Faculty Club


Barbara Nachtrieb Armstrong

First woman in the nation appointed to the faculty of a major law school – 1919

Promoted to full Professor in 1935

Helped draft the Social Security Act

Served on first Finance and Building Committees for the Women’s Faculty Club


Pauline Sperry

First female Professor of Mathematics

1950 – Refused to sign the Loyalty Oath required of Professors by the Regents. Fired for her beliefs – after protracted litigation was reinstated shortly before retirement

House and Finance Committees for the Women’s Faculty Club – major responsibility for retiring the mortgage early


Josephine Miles

First woman to become tenured member of the Berkeley English Department

First woman to be appointed full University Professor – 1973

Distinction in Creative Writing, Teaching and Scholarship

Led the debate in opposing unification of the two Clubs